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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions aren't onorous or over-complicated. They simply set-out our commitment to you, the client, and your obligations when comissioning design or printed material.

Nick Avery Design - Terms & Conditions*

1. It is the clients responsibility to thoroughly check all proofs prior to printing, whether supplied as digital ‘PDF’ files, printed proofs or xeroxed prints from the printer for any image or typographical errors or omissions. Nick Avery Design cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions found subsequent to final approval for print and receiving finished material from the printer.

2. The client is responsible for settling all invoices relating to printed material in accordance with the payment terms of the printer. NAD does not buy print on behalf of it's clients unless previously agreed. Any estimates or quotes for design will not include the cost of printing, print quotations can be supplied if requested.

3. All predictable expenses have been included in the estimated fees (when an estimate is submitted). Any additional unforeseen expenses would be submitted for approval to the client prior to expenditure. Work undertaken as a ‘rush’ i.e. to be acted upon immediately would incur an additional charge on an hourly basis.

4. Assisted design - i.e. Design amendments made in the company of the client are priced at double the normal hourly rate.

5. The copyright of the work remains with NAD (as set out in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988). Ownership of the supplied design(s) is automatically transferred to the client on final payment of the invoice relating to the commissioned work.

6. Any amendments to the design work should be undertaken by NAD, or by prior agreement, approved by NAD in a consultancy role if undertaken by a third party.

7. The commissioned work must only be used for the purpose originally commissioned. If the work is used in a way not originally intended, a re-use fee would be payable.

8. The original reproduction files remain the property of NAD and should be destroyed by the printer after use. Any amendment to the original files would constitute a breach of these terms and conditions unless previously agreed.

9. NAD retains the Right of Integrity over any commissioned work.

10. Images sourced from photographic libraries or an agency by NAD on behalf of the client must only be used within the terms and conditions of the library or agency license agreement held by NAD.

11. The client is at liberty to terminate the project at any time. Under such circumstances NAD shall be entitled to full remuneration for the work completed to that date, together with all previously agreed expenses incurred up to the point of termination.

12. In the event of work being rejected, a percentage of the original total estimated fee would be payable. All commissioned design work must be paid for, whether approved or rejected, and is costed at an hourly rate on a pro-rata basis, billed in half hour (0.5) increments. A minimum fee of one hour is applicable to projects taking less than an hour to complete.

13. NAD reviews studio rates every year. All new enquiries for design and services will automatically be quoted the new rate. Clients with ongoing projects will not be subject to new rates until any current projects have been 'signed-off' and delivered. We do not normally advise existing clients of annual rate changes, however, current design rates are quoted in estimates sent for approval and can be confirmed by the client before the commencement of a project. All design work is costed at an hourly rate on a pro-rata basis, billed in half hour (0.5) increments.

14. Fees (and any agreed expenses) would be due on completion of each completed stage and would be due for payment, a maximum of 7 days from the date of the invoice, payable via bank transfer (BACS).

*Terms & Conditions do not apply to publishers, who are subject to otherterms relating to the publisher

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