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We offer a number of design services for publishers:

Book Design
From key stage educational titles, to large photographic coffee table books. Whether you require a book styled to a template or a lead title styled and designed from scratch - we work with you to deliver the very best design.

Book Packaging
In conjunction with our Media Partners we can offer a hand-picked packaging team specifically suited to the project.

Promotion material
We also design related promotional material like sales leaflets, posters, bookmarks, banners, postcards etc.

We can take existing text book files and turn them into an ebook for, use on Kindle and the ipad.


Other clients we have worked with previously include:

BBC Books
Harper Collins
Reed International
Egmont Books 
Pitkin Unichrome
The History Press
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Toucan Publishing


For more information on a particular project see below...
Bloomsbury /Aardman

See more images and an account of how we worked with Bloomsbury Publishing and Aardman Animations to create 'The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists', 'The Making of' book

protfolio image
protfolio image

Aardmann Animation - The Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists

This book is a unique collector’s edition and is stuffed with untold treasures, exclusively revealing the full story of the epic voyage on to the big screen. Stunning photography, fascinating storyboards and exclusive crew interviews are all captured within.

Read about how we worked with Aardman Animations and Bloomsbury Publishers to create and design this 144 page book.

protfolio image
protfolio image

Louis Walsh's Fast Track to Fame

Hopefully, with the help of this book, you won’t have to learn everything the hard way. After all, cracking the music industry is not easy, but why make it harder than it needs to be?

Louis Walsh, one of the most successful pop managers ever, tells you all you need to know to suceed in the cut throut world of pop music. Extent: 256 pages

protfolio image
protfolio image
protfolio image

The Green Food Bible

Judith Wills has written more bestselling food and healthy lifestyle titles than any other British author. Her books have been translated into over twenty languages and have appeared in the best seller lists across the world. Her previous titles include ‘The Food Bible’, which has sold over 275,000 copies. Extent: 288 pages

protfolio image
protfolio image
protfolio image

The Time Team Dig Book

The 'Timeteam Dig Book' accompanies the BBC series. The 'Timeteam' share their years of know-how and teach you the core skills any budding archeologist needs. Extent: 224 pages

protfolio image
protfolio image
protfolio image

Child of Our Time

In 1998 Tessa Livingstone started to create the BBC landmark television series ‘Child of Our Time’, which was conceived as a twenty-year longitudinal study of childhood. This book accompanies the BBC series. Extent: 256 pages

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Bloomsbury Publishers
We are currently working with Bloomsbury on the design of a book on 'Scratch' coding

Dorling Kindersley
We are working with the DK Licensing Department on the design of an extensive 'DC Encyclopedia'


The Pirates! In An Adventure with Scientists
See how we worked with Bloomsbury and Aardman Animations to create the the 'Making of...' book.


We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and professional at all times. Our focus is clearly aimed at giving the best customer service and design for every project we are involved in. more